An illustration showing Weavly scene with a ferris wheel, rollercoaster rides and a hand holding two cotton candies.

What's your favourite ride?

On-Screen Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Goal Based


This activity consists of two main parts. First, participants begin with having a conversation about their experiences at an amusement park. Then, they can work in pairs to plan a path through the park to visit their favourite places and rides on this scene.

What’s your favourite ride? Activity link

An illustration of an amusement park with several rides.

Moderators can use this blurb to describe the background for the players before they start their adventure:

“This scene shows a sunny day at an amusement park. The park entrance is at the top left corner. On the top from left to right, we have a game booth, the pirate ship ride, and the swing ride. In the middle from left to right, we have a merry go round, the water park, Ferris wheel, and the go karts. At the bottom left corner we have two roller coaster rides. At the bottom right corner, there is the food stand. Your on-screen character is a park admission ticket.”


  1. Select the activity link above.
  2. Talk with your partner about whether you have been to an amusement park before. What your favourite ride was and why; when you were last on that ride, and where it was.
  3. Now, try to work as a pair to create a path to navigate this park. Talk about the rides you would like to avoid, and share a story about why you don’t like those rides.
  4. Move your character to visit your rides or favourite places in the park.
  5. Go for an ice cream or cotton candy once you’re done.

Level Up!

Build a program to make your character navigate to the Go Karts area. Then use the Loop control in your program to make your character move on the track 10 times.