Illustration of three pictures of banana, one unpeeled, one half peeled and one with orange hand holding picture of banana peel

Beginning, middle, and end

Unplugged Activity No Coding Experience Sequencing


This activity engages learners to recognize events in a story and practice sequencing. Children’s stories include simple sequences with which most kids are familiar. Understanding the logical order of events in a story helps learners to recognize sequences in everyday life. Sequencing is an abstract concept that takes practice to master. This skill development helps build the foundation for block coding.


  • Pick a story with which the learner may be familiar.
  • Show the pictures of events for the story and engage the learner to describe what can be noticed or what is happening.
  • Ask the learner how they think the story would occur and order the pictures accordingly.


  • Try another story that would be funny or engaging for the learner.
  • In situations in which the learner does not recognize the missed or misplaced step, perform the activity again in the correct order and explain the correct sequence of actions and events.

Skill Development

  • Observational
  • Sequencing
  • Communication (i.e. narrative)