An illustration showing a hand creating a repeated pattern on the Weavly coding environment. Two arrows around the scene show a circular movement.

Creating Patterns

On-Screen Activity No Coding Experience Introduction


In this activity, learners use the Weavly scene as their virtual drawing canvas. Learners can use directional navigation in a coding environment to draw a design and create a patterned motif. The process of creating various drawings and patterns on the scene encourages the use of directions and enables free-form creation. The interactive and visual component helps learners identify cause and effect as well as inspire creativity in their coding creations.

Some example of drawings/designs created into patterned motif:


  • Open the Weavly coding environment.
  • Ensure the pen toggle feature is on.
  • Add a loop action block to your program. Refresh and move your character to the middle of the scene.
  • Add a few different action blocks inside your loop. Press play to draw your design/shape.
  • In the loop number field, adjust the number of times you want this program to be repeated. (Choose a minimum of 3 to be able to notice the effects of a repeated pattern)


  • Ask learners to use the arrow keys on the right panel in the Weavly coding environment to move their on-screen character to the middle of their scene (for example cell E4). This will give your character more room to create a drawing.
  • Modelling this activity first and showing learners how to use different action blocks particularly the loop block can help learners with little to no coding experience to participate.

Skill Development

  • Spatial
  • Sequencing
  • Directional skills
  • Creativity

Level Up!

  • Ask learners to replace and/or action blocks in their sequence using the action panel