Illustration of orange hand pointing to a grid of submarine and treasure underwater with action blocks floating at top

Hunting the sunken treasure

On-Screen Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Goal Based


In this activity, learners try to build a sequence to move their on-screen character from point A to point B. The path between these two points is not straight. There are roadblocks, like sharks, along the way. The character will need to stay away from these roadblocks. While building a sequence, learners will become familiar with the Weavly coding environment.

Hunting the sunken treasure: Activity link

Deep ocean background including images of fish, shark, jelly fish, corals, and a treasure chest with large diamonds.

Moderators can use this blurb to describe the background for the learners before they start their missions:

" This background shows a deep ocean scene with a deep sea blue colour. At the top right area of this background there is a school of fish moving towards the top of the scene. In the middle left area, there are three jellyfish in different sizes. Directly in front of the jellyfish, there is a large shark that is occupying almost half of the width of the background from the middle to the right edge. At the bottom left corner, there are coral reefs and small fish. In the bottom sea floor there is a treasure chest. Your on-screen character is a submarine. "


  • Select the “Hunting the sunken treasure” activity link above.
  • Use a combination of action blocks to program a sequence to take your submarine to the sunken treasure chest.
  • As you build your sequence, remember that you need to move around the shark and the jellyfish and you cannot go over the coral reef.
  • Select the “Play” button to find out how the submarine will move from the sea surface to the sunken treasure.


  • Adult moderators can show the movements to help learners understand the purpose of the activity.
  • Once the treasure chest is reached, moderators can clap or cheer to celebrate the arrival and discovery of the sunken treasure.
  • When the built sequence is incorrect, moderators can pause the program and encourage learners to find a way to fix (debug) their program.

Skill Development

  • Debugging
  • Directional
  • Planning
  • Spatial
  • Sequencing

Level Up!

Moderators can use the character positioning buttons on the right of the scene to change the starting point of the submarine. This will encourage learners to build different program combinations.