Illustration of a beaded string with hand holding magnify glass over heart-shaped bead

Learning about patterns

Unplugged Activity No Coding Experience Sorting & Patterns


This activity requires learners to identify patterns that are being repeated in a sequence. Parents, educators, and moderators can use simple drawings or clipart in a sequence to identify repeated patterns.

Parents and educators can use these sequences as a starting point to practice identifying patterns in a sequence: Loop Sequences


  • Use the sample sequences to encourage learners to identify the distinct/different items.
  • Once the repeated patterns are identified, work with learners to create the next items to continue the repeating patterns.
  • Repeat for a new sequence.


  • Ask learners to think about where they might see patterns in their everyday life.
  • Read a picture book that has a clear repeating pattern to connect this concept to other areas of learning. This story gives them a chance to hear a repeating pattern - not just see it. The same could be done for a piece of music or a dance.
  • Try to use symbols, pictures, or objects that learners like and prefer (e.g. food, cartoon characters, toys) to motivate players.

Skill Development

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Sorting

Level Up!

Using the same symbols/pictures/drawing/clip-art, ask learners/players to create their own sequence with a repeated pattern.