Coding Videos for Kids

Here is a collection of Youtube videos that our team has put together to assist learners in their coding education journey. These fun and engaging videos help learners to better understand some of the abstract concepts of coding.

Beginning a lesson with a video is a fun and engaging way to build excitement and curiosity, develop and activate background knowledge, and create a sense of community. Wrapping up a lesson with a video is also an effective way to come together, as a group, to consolidate and review some of the concepts that students learned during the lesson and connect to other areas of life.


Fun Facts About Robots by National Geographic Kids

What is a Robot?

Real-Life Robots


What are Computer Programs? Early Elementary by Kodable

Always be Coding: Let’s Code [Rap]

What is Coding?

Coding Concepts


Sequence Programming: How it Works?

What is Sequence? by Coding for Kids

Let’s Investigate: Sequencing and Pizza by Nancy Drew Code and Clues

Exact Instructions Challenge - Kids Teach How to Make Orange Juice


Always Be Coding – While Loops [Rap]

Intro to Programming: Loops

What are Loops: Coding for Kids by Kodable


What are Conditionals? Coding for Kids by Kodable

Always Be Coding – If Else Statements [Rap]


What are Functions?


What are Variables?