Illustration of Dash surrounded by action blocks on driveway to a house

Dash's house

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In this activity, learners try building very simple programs to move Dash in and out of its house and to visit a neighbor’s house. The purpose of this activity is to connect the on-screen experience with the robot movement in the physical environment and help learners to practice building a program to achieve a specific yet simple goal.


  • Find two dollhouses: one for Dash and one for its neighbor. Learners can also create their own:

    • Build them with Lego/cardboard
    • Draw two pictures of different houses
  • Place the two houses three feet apart and place Dash in front of its house.

  • Open and connect with Dash robot.

  • Use the coding environment to make Dash move outside of its house (possibly two Forwards).

  • Use the coding environment to take Dash back inside its house (possibly two 90 degree turns and two forwards).

  • Next, try taking Dash out of its house and move it to the neighbor’s house for tea!


  • Ensure batteries are charged and Dash is operational prior to the activity.
  • Once Dash is taking an incorrect step, moderators can pause and work with players about how to fix (debug) the program and take Dash back to the right path.

Skill Development

  • Directional
  • Spatial
  • Planning
  • Problem solving (debugging)
  • Sequencing

Level Up

Add other objects or toys in the environment that are farther from Dash’s house and instruct learners to take Dash to those items and return it to its house afterwards.