Illustration of two hands creating a loop pattern with beads

Creating loops

Unplugged Activity No Coding Experience Sorting & Patterns


In this activity, learners will use their knowledge of sequencing to create repeated sequences, known as loops. This unplugged activity gives learners a chance to practice planning a loop without a computer by using items around them.


  • Pick three series of similar items (e.g. forks, spoons, straws, post-it notes, clothing, and loose parts).
  • Use these items to build a sequence with a repeated pattern to show the learner what this activity is about.
  • Ask the learner to make their own sequence with a repeated pattern.
  • Ask the learner to repeat this pattern three times in their sequence.


  • To avoid confusion, ensure set up is a large flat surface for items to be seen clearly.
  • In situations where the learner is not able to repeat the sequence, slow the pace and build the repeated sequence step-by-step with them on an one-on-one basis.

Skill Development

  • Sorting
  • Sequencing
  • Planning
  • Pattern recognition

Level Up!

  • Try a loop sequence with one item being used twice (e.g. spoon, fork, fork, spoon, fork, fork)
  • Try this activity again with a longer loop sequence (e.g. spoon, fork, fork, straw, spoon, fork, fork, straw)