Illustration of hands dancing and clapping and weavly movement blocks

Dancing to the beat

Unplugged Activity No Coding Experience Direction Based


This activity can use any coding environment for a fun and interactive way to learn about directions. Any type of movement counts as dancing in this activity whether it is stepping, jumping, wheeling, blinking, head movements, or hitting a single switch.

As a starter, you can try…

For younger children:

For youth


  • Select a short song or music that learners prefer.
  • Use Weavly to build a sequence of actions.
  • Line up your players.
  • Ask them to follow each step of the program that is announced.
  • Play the music and your program at once and let the fun begin.


  • Announce every step of the program as it is being played/executed.
  • For longer songs, you can replay the same program.
  • Try to keep the players focused on following the running program and correcting their movements.

Skill Development

  • Gross motor movements
  • Dancing
  • Directions
  • Sequencing

Level Up!

Once your players are familiar with this activity, get them to write their own programs. You can also pair them in teams and make them create a dance competition.