Illustration of yellow and purple hand pointing at maze with star in centre, surrounded by action blocks

Moving on a grid

Hybrid Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Direction Based


This activity provides a combination of physical and on-screen experiences for learners. This is a goal-based activity, thus learners need to plan, execute and debug (if needed) to go through the maze. This activity requires collaboration and communication between learners to reach a final destination.


  • Use masking tape to build a simple grid of 12 rows and 8 columns on the floor.
  • Place some of learners’ favorite toys/treats on different grid cells.
  • Ask learner one to wait at the beginning of the second row on the left side of the grid.
  • Ask learner two to use the Weavly coding environment to build a program to move learner one through the grid and collect their favorite toys/treats.
  • Select the “Play” button and ask learner one to move based on the steps announced by the program.
  • At the end, compare the position of the learner on the physical grid with the on-screen character. If they match they have won, otherwise they can repeat the game.


  • Start with straight and simple paths before introducing more complex sequences.
  • Reward both learners if they successfully win the game.
  • Moderator can pause the program and help learner two to fix (debug) the program if learner one starts to move off the grid.
  • In addition to the audio labels spoken by the program, the moderator can speak each action block once played to reinforce the learning of directions.

Skill Development

  • Directional
  • Spatial
  • Gross motor movements
  • Sequencing
  • Planning
  • Debugging
  • Social skills
  • Communication

Level Up!

Once your learners are familiar with this activity, get them to make their own maze and then play this game.