Illustration of hands holding tall and short round robot holding hands

What's a robot

Unplugged Activity No Coding Experience Introduction


This multi-level activity introduces the concept of robots. Learners can engage in different activities, such as watching videos and or reading picture books, to identify robots in their immediate environment. To introduce robots, our team recommends these resources as they provide details that are fun and engaging:


  • Show the introductory video.
  • Talk with learners about the main characteristic of robots.
  • Use this card deck to provide each learner with two options to choose the one that is a robot.
  • Talk to them about their choices.
  • Ask each learner to look around in their immediate environment and try to find anything that could be a robot and describe their reasons.
  • If there is a robot available, demonstrate building a simple program and making the robot move based on your program.


  • Make sure any video played for this activity has captions and is played at the proper speed.
  • Reflecting on learners’ choices is core to this activity. Even when they choose the wrong options make sure to discuss why their choice is not a robot.

Skill Development

  • Creativity
  • Communication (i.e. narrative)
  • Observational

Level Up!

Check out and play the Human Robot activity.