Illustration of Cubetto around command blocks, blue hand pointing left, and yellow hand pointing right

Learning directions with command blocks

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In this activity, learners are introduced to the foundational concepts of directions used in coding. They can discover what directions are possible with Cubetto. This introduction to directionality will help learners to build on skills to learn sequencing.


  • Review vocabulary of directions with the learner (e.g. forward, right, left).
  • Find a starting point on the Cubetto grid map and place Cubetto there.
  • Choose cards/stickers with arrows on the map to indicate the chosen path.
  • Place the corresponding command blocks onto the command board and run.
  • Say the directions as the program is tested.


  • Emphasize that Cubetto can only travel in the direction it’s facing.

Skill Development

  • Analytical/Reasoning
  • Directional
  • Planning
  • Sequencing
  • Spatial

Level Up

  • Ask learners to act out how Cubetto moves like a car.
  • Place toys or any other interesting object on the Cubetto map and ask players to build a program to take Cubetto to that particular item.