Illustration of Cubetto in front of top side of a yellow semi-circle with command blocks around

Meet Cubetto

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This introductory activity allows learners to explore different features of Cubetto, the wooden cube robot. In this activity, learners will practice planning a sequence and moving Cubetto in different directions.


  • Watch video on what is a robot or read a picture book about robots. Link to video
  • Read a social story on how to play with robots (e.g. expectations on how to handle and respect robots).
  • Share some adjectives as vocabulary that will be used for this activity. This includes shapes (i.e. square/cube), wheels, face, wood, brown, tail.
  • Learner to observe and take notice of Cubetto (e.g. what do you notice about Cubetto) using the discussed vocabulary.


  • Ensure operational batteries are available.
  • Ensure Cubetto is operational prior to activity.
  • Set an agenda with the duration/time-frame of this activity to establish expectations and keep advanced learners engaged within a group setting.

Skill Development

  • Directional
  • Observational
  • Spatial

Supportive Materials