Illustration of Dash on grid facing yellow star surrounded by action blocks

Robot on a Mission

{{ tags[0] }} Blockly Coding Experience Direction Based


In this activity, learners plan and build a path to direct Dash to move to a specific object on a grid map.


  • Use a taping mask or chalk to build a grid map on the floor.
  • Once your grid is ready, place a few items such as toys on different grid cells.
  • Select a starting point for Dash and place it on the map.
  • Use to build a sequence to make Dash move to a selected destination on the grid map.
  • Play your sequence program.
  • Pause your program and debug once Dash starts to move away from the desired destination.


  • If you are doing this activity on a tabletop or an elevated surface, block the edges to prevent robots from falling.
  • You can use any object, draw or write something on the map.
  • To make this fun, build a story around the objects on your map and give Dash a specific mission to accomplish.

Skill Development

  • Directional
  • Mathematical
  • Sequencing
  • Spatial

Level Up

  • Complete this activity again with a planned shape or pattern in mind.
  • Restrict the number of cells the robot can move.