An illustration of Weavly scene with a light house, stormy waters, a white whale tail and a fishing boat that is pushed by a hand.

Adventures on the stormy sea

On-Screen Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Goal Based


This activity consists of two main parts. First, participants are encouraged to have a conversation about this background and share whether they have visited a similar place before. They can talk about when and where that experience happened and how they felt about it. Following that conversation, they are asked to work in pairs to build multiple programs to go to different parts of this environment with their fishing boat.

Adventures on the stormy sea: Activity link

An Illustration of stormy seas in Atlantic Canada

Moderators can use this blurb to describe the background for the players before they start their adventure:

“This background shows a stormy night at the sea. In the top, from left to right, there is a lighthouse shining bright light to the dark ocean, stormy clouds and thunder, and a red fish processing plant. At the bottom left, there is a fishing village on the left and a large fog bank on the right. In the middle, there is a whale surrounded by three icebergs, a school of cod fish, and a grand fishing boat. Your on-screen character is a small fishing boat.”


  1. Select the activity link above.
  2. Talk about if you have ever been in Atlantic Canada or anywhere else that reminds you of this place.
  3. If you have, share stories about when and where it happened and how you felt.
  4. Work with your partner to plan a way to take your fishing boat from its current position to the school of cod fish. As you go on this path, you need to avoid hitting the village shores, the whale, the icebergs and the stormy waters.
  5. When you get to the fish, build a program to make your fishing boat take the fish to the fish processing plant, the red building in the top right corner.


As you move on this background, partners can talk about the dangers on the way. Why should we avoid icebergs or the shores? Why do we get lost in a fog bank? What happens if we bump into the whale?

Level Up!

If you have not been in Atlantic Canada, you are always welcome to visit. You can build a program to go whale watching, visit fish processing plants that are turned into fishery museums and restaurants, and you can ride back to the village to find nice shops and restaurants and have freshly cooked fish or lobster.