This illustration show a map of Europe and backpack.

Let's go to Europe!

On-Screen Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Goal Based


This activity consists of two main parts. First part, participants have a conversation about whether they have ever been to Europe or not and the experiences they have had. Then, they can work in pairs to plan a trip to Europe to visit their favourite places. Once they have a plan, they can build a program to move their character to their selected destinations on this map.

Let’s go to Europe! Activity link

An illustrated map of Europe. There is an icon on each country that represents their most popular touris attractions.

Moderators can use this blurb to describe the background for the players before they start their adventure:

“This scene shows a map of Europe. There is an icon placed on each country that relates to a popular tourist attraction. These icons could be related to food, such as Pretzels for Germany, Chocolate for Belgium, Turkish coffee for Turkiye, or Pizza for Italy. They could also be architectural landmarks, such as Eiffel Tower for France, Windmills for Netherlands, or Pantheon for Greece. There are also some other popular items on this map representing different countries, such as the red double decker bus for the UK, Guitar for Spain, or a wrist watch for Switzerland. Your on-screen character is an airplane.”


  1. Select the activity link above.
  2. Have a conversation with your partner about whether they have been to Europe or not. If so, which countries or cities? When? What did they like most? What was your trip highlight? What was a fun memory? If you have not been, which city or country would you like to visit? Why? What do you want to do there? Which food would you like to try? What souvenirs would you like to buy?
  3. Work with your partner to plan a trip to your favourite spots in Europe.
  4. Build your program to move your airplane across the map and visit your selected cities/countries.
  5. Every time you land in one of your selected destinations, pause for a few moments to discuss what you would like to do there, where you would like to go, what you would like to eat, etc.


Please use the “Map Details” link to access more information about all the European countries on this map, their selected icon, and a link to more information about the selected icon: Map details

Level Up!

Select any of the following regions in Europe and build a program to specifically travel to the countries in your selected region. You need to work with your partner to identify that region on the map and talk about the countries in that region. Talk to your partner about why you would like to visit that region.

  • Scandinavian countries
  • Eastern Europe
  • Central Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Southern Europe