a An illustration of Weavly scene with several sports items on it, such as basketball ball, soccer ball, field hockey ball, tennis ball, hockey stick, and a badminton shuttlecock.

Game on!

On-Screen Activity Unplugged Coding Experience Goal Based


This activity consists of two main parts. First part, participants have a conversation about their favorite sports and how it has changed over their lifespan. Then, they can build a program to navigate to different sports in this background and share stories and experiences related to each specific sport.

Game on! Activity link

An illustration of a green field with several sport items on it.

Moderators can use this blurb to describe the background for the players before they start their adventure:

“This scene shows a green field with many popular sports’ icons placed on different areas. At the top from left to right, there is a badminton shuttlecock, basketball ball, running shoes, curling stone, golf ball, and a martial arts outfit. At the bottom, there is a pair of swimming goggles, a bike, table tennis racket, field hockey stick and ball, and a rowing boat. There are several items in the middle. In the top middle, there is a cricket bat and ball, a pair of skis and ski poles, an American football ball, a volleyball ball, and a bowling ball and pins. In the lower middle, there is a hockey stick and puck, soccer ball, baseball glove and ball, singlet, boxing gloves, tennis racket and ball, and a pair of ice skates. The character on this scene is a golf cart”


  1. Select the activity link above.
  2. Have a conversation with your partner about what your favourite sport is and why. When was the last time you played this sport? Where did you play this sport often? Share any special memories you have about playing this sport. What sport did you wish you had tried or knew how to play? Why?
  3. Each of you select your most favourite sport on this background.
  4. Then, you work together to build a program to take your character to that sport’s icon.
  5. Once you are there, have a movement of celebration and talk about how it would feel to become a champion in that sport.


If you don’t find your favourite sport on this background, there are several other and more generic items you can use to represent that sport. For example, if you can’t find diving in this background, you can use swimming goggles or the singlet as an icon for diving.

Level Up!

Talk with your partner about whether you enjoy winter sports or summer sports. Now, imagine you are packing for an all sports winter trip. Work together with your partner, to build a program to pick up all the sport gears you will need for this trip. Once you have picked up all your equipment, share a memory about similar trips you might have had in the past.